The non-educational side of Bolles

The non-educational side of Bolles

Here at Bolles, like every other school, we have faculty members around campus who aren’t our teachers. They help keep Bolles clean and make it a safe learning environment for the students. They contribute so much to the community but often go unnoticed and underappreciated. 


Every time you enter Bolles, you see the energetic guy in the traffic vest pointing and directing traffic. He goes by the name Steve Tutsan. Tutsan is a security guard and loves the community he is surrounded by at Bolles.


“The kids over at the elementary school, they call me shorty” Tutsan says, which is funny because he is so tall. “And they always want to give me high fives.” He is retired but works here for his enjoyment and to give back to a loving community that this school has created. 


Tutsan has history in management so he is very qualified for the job. He says, “I never envisioned myself being a security guard, but I enjoy it.” Tutsan goes where life takes him and we are so glad that it has taken him to Bolles.


Make sure if you see him around campus to give him a warm greeting and thank him for helping Bolles maintain a positive and welcoming community. He has said himself, “I’m a people person. And I love the energy here.” 


Tutsan works from six in the morning to two in the afternoon but often finds himself staying after school to enjoy Bolles sporting events. He says his favorite part is, “I get a chance to interact with the athletes and attend a lot of the functions.” Tutsan played basketball in college and attended Raines High School. 


If you play basketball, like Tutsan did, or any other sport at Bolles, you have probably come across Thomas Gorman, the athletic trainer. His responsibilities are “to keep all the athletes and the student body as safe as possible.” Gorman, along with his colleagues Katelyn Dye and Olivia Duvall, can be found in the training room from activities period until all sports are done at the end of every school day. 


Gorman has a lot of experience in sports medicine. He worked at several schools including Florida A&M University, University of Texas, and Brown prior to coming to Bolles. This experience assures athletes that they are in very capable hands when they walk into his training room. 


Gorman is also very personable and would love to have a chat with anyone about anything. He is not only good at his job, he also loves doing it. 


“I love seeing how hard the kids work,” he says. “And I like to be a part of getting them back onto the field, court, or whatever it may be.” Gorman’s number one priority is each athlete’s health, and he will make sure to take care of any student or even faculty members who walk through his two blue doors. 


These faculty members at Bolles strive to improve the lives of students and truly love doing it. Without the people behind the scenes, Bolles would not be able to function at the level that it does. Next time you see them around campus, greet them with a warm welcome and make sure to thank them for what they do for our community. 

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Ty Neal, Contributing Writer
Tyrone Neal is a junior and first-year staffer. He is a passionate trumpet and football player and strives to improve as a writer in Bugle this year. Ty hopes to study law and is proud that he is not afraid to speak his mind. Ty wants his readers to know to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.