Sollee’s superpowers: Soccer, Support, and Smite

January 6, 2022


Megan Howard

Sollee poses by the football-turned-soccer field before practice.

When walking through Schultz in the morning, you will probably notice a smiley, short-haired blonde girl working on homework and cheering up her friends. That girl is no other than Katie Sollee, a Bolles senior and lifer.

Many people know Sollee from the various activities she participates in on campus. She is a JV soccer team member, the president of the Mental Health Club, and one of the Wonderful Whitehurst Wednesday leaders.

Anyone who speaks with Sollee can attest to her warm and caring nature. She’s very passionate about psychology and mental health. “In middle school I was diagnosed with anxiety and I saw a therapist. That sparked my interest in psychology and now I want to help other people,” Sollee recalled.

Now, as the president of the Mental Health Club, Sollee tries to spread awareness of mental health issues and provide a forum for an open dialogue on mental health. Sollee explained, “We want to talk about different disorders/issues and get as many people as possible involved.”

Academically, Sollee enjoys mythology. The subject has been a large part of her Bolles experience since middle school. “I’m very into mythology and spent a lot of time in middle school in Mrs. Greenland’s room,” Sollee explained.

Outside of mental health advocacy and mythology, Sollee spends her time playing and refereeing soccer. “I have been refereeing for Florida Elite soccer for about a year and a half,” Sollee recalled. She referees games on the weekend in the winter and spring seasons.

Excluding refereeing on the weekend, Sollee spends a lot of time on the soccer field.

She explained the high school season so far, “I am on JV. We are fresh into our season, but we beat Stanton (11/09).”

After a long day of school or soccer, Sollee enjoys relaxing by listening to music or playing her favorite video game, Smite. She excitedly recalled, “Smite’s like League of Legends meets Overwatch, but it’s all about mythology.”

One of Sollee’s many talents is photography. Pictured here is a bee she found in her neighborhood. (Katie Sollee)

In her downtime Sollee enjoys spending time with her bunny, Bufn.

When explaining her bunny’s name she said, “It stands for bunny until further notice. It’s an inside joke. Someone asked me what I was going to name it, and I said I will call it bunny until further notice. And the name just stuck.”

Music wise, Sollee enjoys alternative music. She especially loves My Chemical Romance and wore earrings from the band’s merch line on the day of the interview. “My earrings are the two lovers on the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album cover,” Sollee explained.

For her, music can be an outlet and a focus tool. “Music definitely helps me relax and clear my head. It also helps me focus especially when I’m doing homework,” Sollee expressed.

Sollee also thoroughly enjoys the popular science fiction show Doctor Who. “I have a Doctor Who backpack, sweatpants, hoodie, t-shirt, and a messenger bag I made with my grandma,” she explained with cheer.

Sollee, a woman of many skills, interests, and passions is a cornerstone of the Bolles community. She’s kind, funny, and easy to talk to.

Sollee said,“A lot of people view me as a therapist and feel comfortable talking about issues with me. And honestly, I am totally fine with that if it helps them feel safe.”

Megan Howard, Social Media Editor
Megan Howard is a senior and the Bugle's Social Media Editor for her second year. As the co-chair of the Homecoming Committee, Megan is active in numerous school activities, and when not in school, she enjoys cooking (namely copycat Chick fil A Chicken Minis) and taking long baths. She loves history and psychology for their insights on how and why humans are the way they are and hopes to study both in college.

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