My music teacher with me and some other students to participate at an all-state choral performance.

Hidden Potential

In fifth grade I did not really have any hobbies other than school. In my elementary school we had one elective everyday, on this particular day we happened to have music class. In music class, our music teacher announced auditions for our school chorus, if we were interested.

I honestly at the time had no interest in anything music related, let alone singing. I went about my day not thinking about anything my music teacher had said. Then out of nowhere she cornered me into a wall like a predator does with its prey. “Aisha, please try out for chorus. I need more participants and you seem like the kind of person willing to try new things!” exclaimed my music teacher. Out of complete fear I just said yes so she would leave me alone.

Finally, the day came to audition and she told me to sing “happy birthday.”. In that moment all the words to happy birthday just left me. I started to break a sweat and wanted to just cry because I was so nervous. After many deep breaths, I was eventually able to calm down and get out some lyrics with notes.

My teacher was shocked when she heard me and immediately lit up like a disco ball. I was so confused when she told me to join the chorus and to keep singing because she saw potential. Now in tenth grade I am still singing in chorus, I thank her every day. 

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