My Dad and Me

My dad has a hard time expressing his feelings and helping others with their feelings. So going to him when I’m feeling down is not a thing I usually do. However, one time, my dad came to me and seemed to know that something was wrong. 

My dad walked into my room one day and I was on the verge of tears sitting on the cream carpeted floor in my room. An old boyfriend of mine had just recently broken up with me after a 6 month relationship when I was 15 going on 16. He knew that I was visibly upset but he didn’t know what to say. So he asked if I wanted to get ice cream with him. In my fluffy post break up pajamas and his gym shorts and gator t-shirt pajamas we drove to a BP gas station and got Ben and Jerry’s. 

In the car he just starts talking to me about what had happened. I don’t remember what specifically was said but I remember whatever he had told me made me feel better. We get to the grungy dirty BP gas station and we walk in in our PJs. I got my usual cookie dough ice cream and my dad got something different like he usually does. 

We got back in the car after getting our ice cream and for the first time that night there was a smile on my face. Not just because I had ice cream but because I finally saw how hard my dad tries to connect with my brother and I. I just hadn’t seen it before until that night. 

After that I started to see all the little things my dad does for my brother and I that he cannot express with his feelings but instead shows me he loves me by going to a dirty gas station with me in our pajamas.

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