Kate Youell

“Our second strangest item is a glass bottle with a babydoll head as the cork.” Youell said. 

Many families have traditions. Kate Youell’s family, however, has an especially unique family tradition. 

Within their house lies a white cabinet. This cabinet is home to many shelves of antique items.

Youell described that every Saturday her family reserves time to go antique shopping. She explained that this tradition started when her father was given an antique wooden statue as a gift and thus started a love of antique items within their family. 

Youell said, “Our strangest item is a taxidermy beaver. My sister is the one who picked it out.” 

This tradition is an important part of Youell’s life and she plans to pass the tradition down to her family in the future.

 She described it as, “A connector in our family. It’s a fun bonding experience.”  

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