Water Guns and Roses

March 21, 2021


Adarsh Aratikatla (’21) gets eliminated

Half the senior class is rolling out of bed each morning, grabbing their water guns, and trying to kill each other. Sort of.

Disclaimer: This game does not take place on campus as it is against the rules. Parents were also notified that this game is being held and that their child is participating in the game.

Each team paid $20 to enter the game. There are 38 teams with two people on each team. The winning team will get the pot which is around $800.

Seniors are at each other’s throats trying to win this game as if it was an actual life or death scenario. Cars have been blocked in by trash cans, water guns are being taken everywhere (no excuses), and parents have even become co-conspirators.

This game is creating the highlights of 2021.

Kurt Greiner showing off his water gun after successfully eliminating Brett Stambaugh.

Gunnar Boree and Matthew Anderson one late start Wednesday morning set out to go and eliminate Sofia Caron. Boree went and picked up Anderson and they set off. When they got to Caron’s house they realized she had three garages and they didn’t know where she had parked so they did a drive-by to figure out where she was parked.

They parked in an empty lot and walked over to her house where the gardener had just pulled up which actually helped with their plan because she has a horseshoe driveway and that blocked off one of her possible escape routes. It also happened to be recycling day. Boree quickly grabbed one of the recycling cans and put it in the driveway, which blocked in Caron, to make it seem like someone had accidentally put it there.

Anderson and Boree quickly hid to wait until Caron came out from her house. And finally, their moment came, Caron’s garage door opened.

“We waited for about a minute a minute and a half, or at least that’s what it felt like until finally, she came strutting out of the garage with no water gun in sight to get the recycling can and we charged out and got her, she was so shocked,” said Boree coming to an end on their victory story.

Caitlyn Boyer and Abby Lynch were waiting outside Bobby Crouch’s house to leave for basketball practice. When Crouch came out the door he saw them and sprinted away from them. In this process his shoes came off while he was running away. Lynch ended up stealing Crouch’s shoes and her mom ended up taping them for Crouch to get.

Students have to get parent permission before entering someone else’s house, but there’s no rule against being outside their house waiting for them.

Tyler Gesek and Cam Neal were outside hiding in the bushes at Maya Gopal’s house trying to get her eliminated when all of a sudden Gesek sprayed water at who he thought was Gopal. When in reality it was her mom.

The game is played Monday through Friday with Monday through Thursday being the days where all the rules apply. Friday is purge day where all the same rules still apply, however, they can be bent a little. For example, if garages are off-limits Monday through Thursday, they’re free game on purge day. School is still off-limits on that day.

Heading into spring break the top eight have been finalized and have been trying to eliminate one another.

George Duffy, our senior class president, was innocently at his monthly Outback dinner with two of his buddies when after their waiter left from taking their order Finn Murphy and Matt Chaffin came running into the restaurant and soaked Duffy in the middle of the restaurant.

Taylor Ford, Copy Editor
Senior Taylor Ford is this year's Copy Editor. Her interests include horseback riding (fun fact: she named her horse after Tony Stark) and photography. Her most desired superpower is the ability to read minds, and she loves English and analyzing literature.

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