Bolles launches Taiwan program

Bolles launches Taiwan program

This year Bolles is giving many opportunities to travel both abroad. The inaugural trip to Taiwan is not only an opportunity to see the country but also learn the language. Anyone who is in 9th-11th grade can participate and no former Chinese language experience is required.  Students will be immersed in two weeks of Chinese classes at Chung Yuan Christian University. 


CYCU is a well-established and leading university located close to Taipei City. The actual language immersion element of the program is held within the university where the students will also be staying in the guest house on campus  


Accompanied by Bolles Chinese teachers Ms. Rothschild and Ms. Li, the trip is made to allow students to experience an educational, cultural and eye opening experience while interacting with their fellow students and people in Taiwan. 


“I want students to be able to see the things I can’t show them. I can’t show them the smell of the food. You have to walk on the street, smell the air and actually experience Taiwan first hand,” said Rothschild.  


On the second day of the trip students will take a Chinese placement test in order to decide what class they will be placed in. Participants in the program will also get to experience one-on-one tutoring in order to get the most out of the language element of the trip. The classes will also include projects, group work, and cultural courses that will give students a rich understanding of Taiwan. 


People already taking Chinese will be able to improve their proficiency and those who aren’t will get a two week crash course on the language. Along with learning about the lives of people in Taiwan they will also learn activities such as calligraphy and making Chinese paper cutting. 


At the end of the course they will take a test to see how much they learned over the two weeks. The test will be either in the traditional test format or it can be in the form of a project. 


The trip also allows for a more hands-on experience. Students will be able to talk to tea factory workers and visit the homes of locals. 


Outside of class they visit Tamsui Old Street, Taichung Park and will meet with the Nantou Indigenous People. 


Rothschild commented, “The most important element of this trip is allowing people to step out of their comfort zone and go to a country where there are no similarities with their own and to see different people’s way of life.”

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