Tun Tunes Her Talent


The Major Minor Concert takes places at the Jacksonville Symphony Youth Orchestra Credit: Amanda Tun

At 15, Amanda Tun has already made a huge impact in the world of music. Daily, she dedicates time and effort into perfecting the skill of playing the oboe. She has joined many local orchestras and even attended state-wide concerts and competitions. Not only that but, she has managed to balance her love for music with her academic and athletic life. Her talent reflects her passion she puts into each practice.

During her sixth grade year, Tun discovered the oboe for the first time. She said, “In sixth grade, we tried out a bunch of instruments on the first day,” and that was when she was first introduced to the oboe.

When asked about why she chose the oboe, she mentioned, “ it’s just because it’s more unique” and “in general it’s more rare than piano or sax. It has a unique sound to it.” From that moment, she began pursuing the oboe as one of her interests.

When Tun was asked about her practice time she said, “On my school days, probably like 15-30 minutes. On weekends, probably one to two hours.” Although she excels in her musical pursuits, she added that the most challenging part for her is having to balance her schedule. “Balancing school and crew with oboe,” is what Tun said when asked what her personal struggle was with playing the oboe.

Tun is practicing the oboe in the Bolles Band Room.
Credit: Amanda Tun

Despite this challenge, Tun has still been able to be active when it comes to competitions.

“I’m in the Jacksonville Symphony youth orchestra. I was in the allstate band, which is a music Convention in Tampa. And the All-District, which is like Duval, Nassau County,” is what Tun has been a member of. When it comes to the number of concerts she has, she said, “It depends on the program. But in general, for Symphony I have five a year.” She also explained that her commitment did not just also includes having to prepare an audition for all of these. She said for State, “We had to do an audition. That was in September. And we had to play two extra to two pieces. And then stuff like technical things.”

Tun shared that even though it is sometimes frustrating and difficult when playing the oboe, she still finds it rewarding. “I think it is really rewarding. Like if you put in the work, then you’ll see the results.”

The most important part for her is having the support she needs. “I think if you have the right people that support you like your family, teachers, you’ll do well. There are a lot of people to get advice from, even college students, older friends. So just talking to a bunch of people…” She said that getting help from those around her has been the most important to her when it comes to playing the oboe.

“I know I want to do it in college a little bit, but I’m not sure if I want to minor in it or major.” said Tun when asked about her future. She explained that even though her plans are not clear, “ I know I want to do it.”