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Journey Wise, Online Editor

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As the presidential inauguration draws near, many active citizens are wondering how they can participate in politics in their own backyards.

While some are traveling to Washington D.C. to participate in the Women’s March or perhaps, lobby for an interest group, not all have the privilege of covering great distances to promote democracy.

But regardless of your position on the political spectrum, no worries, the first step to promoting positive change is to act locally. The following is a small collection of resources for those of you who are interested in cultivating a strong relationship with your community, while making a difference.

If Women’s Rights is up your alley, maybe consider attending a monthly meeting with the Florida Chapter of the National Organization for Women. (

If Environmental Protection piques your interests, the Sierra Club of Jacksonville meets every second Monday of each month to discuss a multitude of topics such as wildlife-friendly gardening, sustainable energy, and water pollution. (

Maybe you are interested in Human Rights. If that’s the case, you may want to check out the internship program at Equality Florida, along with their plethora of volunteer opportunities ranging from support of voter mobilization to lobbying for gun control. (

While we all share different political perspectives and live in accordance with different ideologies, we all are privileged with a vast amount of opportunities to take action in our community and make a change for the better.


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