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My Five (Six) Lasting Thoughts Since Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

In Other Words, Mostly Thoughts About Baby Groot

Kiera Geraghty, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Why would people want to eat their buttered popcorn out of Baby Groot’s head? I’m all for having a closet full of fandom merchandise, but something feels wrong and disturbing that moviegoers at Tinseltown have the option to throw down extra money to eat out of the hollowed out head of Baby Groot.
  2. If the internet was not already obsessed with the potted Baby Groot that we saw in an extra scene in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, fully mobile with a tiny voice and an anger problem Baby Groot will break tumblr. I see whole Target sections devoted to Groot costumes and themed towels and bathroom products and apparently things out of which that you can eat and drink.
  3. There will inevitably be an Honest trailer on the Screen Junkies Youtube channel that says what everybody else is saying about Vol. 2: “Not quite as good as the first but still good.” Honestly, I even prefer the first soundtrack. Clearly Vol. 2 didn’t quite capture the charm of the first with the same ease, but the two movies have still been critically received just as well if not better than other Marvel franchises. Also, the development of nearly every character of the sequel in addition to Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord was great and gave me so many feels. I love how it took the time to delve into what it would realistically be like maintaining such an odd family. Oh, the idea of Yondu as Peter’s real father made perfect sense and I wish that I realized that sooner. I don’t remember having particularly strong feelings about Rocket and Yondu but after this movie, they are now some of my favorite characters. Finally, just a shout out to Zoe Saldana as Gamora because I am in love with that green warrior and Saldana has published some awesome behind the scenes moments in the getup.
  4. While I quite enjoyed the excessive use of the adorable purity that was Baby Groot (unlike one of my very hard to please friends), after watching the credit scene of an angsty teenage Groot being sassy with Peter in a classic parent-child back and forth, I’m very happy that it seems to be a one-movie deal (unlike one of my very easy to please friends who wants an entire movie dedicated to Teenage Groot). I completely recognize that Marvel probably saw the sketch of Baby Groot and immediately saw those Target aisles that I was talking about, and the symbolism of Baby Groot needing to regrow after sacrificing himself to protect his friends at the end of the first movie is a beautiful reminder of the roots of the odd family which permeated the whole plot of the sequel. However, I started to forget how amazing full-grown Groot was and what a powerhouse he was in the first one and I want him back.
  5. On the note of extra scenes, I appreciate that Marvel put, like, five at the end of this movie but the last scene was honestly just Stan Lee trying to get his friends to stay and talk to him (as far as I know, that was all it was so, fangirls and boys, please do not come after me). I honestly felt like Marvel just pranked me. I guess that scene with the High Priestess talking about Adam was the hint for the next movies but two scenes followed that!
  6. I’m just so tired of waiting for Thanos.
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My Five (Six) Lasting Thoughts Since Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2