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A Short Rant About the Election

Kiera Geraghty, Editor-in-Chief

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I am so tired of seeing Hillary for Prison bumper stickers. I am so tired of being forced to stomach a candidate who threatens the very democratic nature of American politics. One thing Americans should be able to count on is the legitimacy of our elections. Trump hails that 1.8 million dead people will vote in 2016 when that is simply wrong. Our government does not have methods in place to remove registered voters from the system. However, this does not mean that they will vote. Since 2000, there have only been 31 credible counts of voter fraud out of 1 billion ballots. In the second presidential debate, Trump stated that he would put together a special court to try Hillary Clinton and put her in jail despite the decision of the FBI. Presidents do not threaten to jail their opponents. Dictators do. I will not accept claims about truth from a candidate discovered to lie 78% of the time on all fact checked claims rated at “mostly false or worse” according to PolitiFact. We deserve better.

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A Short Rant About the Election