Nezza releases new song, “Sola”

People have different ways of experiencing heartbreak–for some people, they need an emo song that lets them get deep into their feelings but some of us just have to sweat out the sadness on the dance floor.

It’s purely subjective and there’s no one right answer.

Despite having hundreds of thousands of fans, NEZZA has also been hurt by her ex-boyfriend, and learned the pain of the break-up.

NEZZA told HollywoodLife, “For me, there have always been phases to a breakup, and ‘Sola’ was that last phase of realizing my worth and that he didn’t deserve me.”

NEZZA also claimed that people will start grooving along with the music while listening to it. Among NEZZA’s accomplishments as a dancer and choreographer are work with Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, and Zendaya.

If you’re a dance-it-out person, Nezza’s “Sola’’ is for you.

The video emphasizes her face and body and she is maybe more of a dancer than a singer. Her catchy music attracts audiences that want to move.
I judge a song based on first impressions–it didn’t create the sad feeling for me.

Sad feelings need minor keys and minor chords, “Sola’s” rhythm went too fast. It’s very catchy and changes up the tempo but overall the chord trends are too niche to be considered international pop music. This is a song for people who truly love Spanish music but it doesn’t have the crossover appeal of “Despacito.”

However, this is a song to get up and dance out your heartbreak to.

“Sola” won’t be the only new music from NEZZA for long. In September, she released her debut bilingual album, Club Solita. She performed at the virtual LatinUp Twitch x Amazon Music showcase on Aug. 19. She opened for celebrated Colombian singer Téo at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theater on Oct. 1.

As an artist who passionately celebrates her Latina roots, the El Rey show is a chance for her to give love back to her culture while taking part in its future.

For those who want to get deep into their feelings, “Heartbreak Anniversary” by Giveon is a great example of a heartbreak song. It is a huge blow-up song, viral on TikTok and social media.

What makes it good: his lyrics really catch the powerful feelings that come with breaking up and the rhymes stick in your head and your heart.

Giveon sings, “The days that I met you, the day I thought forever, said that you loved me, but that’ll last for never.”

Unlike Nezza, Giveon’s inspiration for the song doesn’t come from his own heartbreak but from the pain of his producer when his producer saw a reminder of an ex.

So, Giveon used his talents honed by collaboration with Drake and creation of Grammy-nominated albums to create a song that explores dealing with sadness a year after the break-up.

His voice is the perfect voice for a soul/R&B artist. Giveon’s voice is really unique and his use of librettos, riffs and runs, to express his sadness brings a tear of admiration to this singer’s eye. Giveon has a huge vocal range and he can hit really high notes to show peaks of emotion.

On a technical note, the tempo for a classic R&B song should be around 100 beats per minute. This good tempo for a heartbreak song doesn’t make you hyped, and doesn’t put you to sleep, it makes people feel like the song is that middle ground of being sad but somehow finding the strength to go on.