Team Moms: What it’s like behind the scenes


For Homecoming week, the moms brought pizza and treats for the football team.

Team moms are like the stage managers in a huge Broadway play. They’re the back bone of the whole production so nothing falls apart and everything goes according to plan.

Being a team mom is no joke and is a serious commitment. When questioned how long she, Roxanne Epstein, had been a team mom, she took a pause and said “their whole lives” and ended with a chuckle.

Being a team mom is not a chore for Epstein and Robyn Roberts. It is a chance to be closer to their own kids and to the children surrounding them.

“I like being a team mom just because it still allows me to be involved with my kids and be connected to the school. I just enjoy that part of it,” said Roberts who has been a team mom for Bolles since 2014.

Epstein also commented on this topic saying, “You always know all of the kids and you know most of the parents or at least you know which kid goes with which parent and you get to know the coaches and things like that.”

“One of the hardest things about being a team mom is making sure you get the communication part down. So, gathering all the emails, gathering all the parents phone numbers and getting all their information to make sure that everyone is getting communicated with so that people aren’t left out,” said Roberts.

Along with trying to communicate with everyone team moms also organize snacks, but each sport does it a little differently. For football Epstein said that they have pre game and after game meals while Roberts, who is in charge of girls lacrosse, said “we try to divide up the snacks between the parents but I end up doing it a lot.”

Epstein commented on what it means to her on being a team mom, “It’s just being that extra help since they [the coaches] are so busy with the whole team and coaching you get to do all the fun party stuff.”

This was the morning of the championships. While the buses rolled out, the parents stood on the sidewalk with signs, fat heads, and balloons for their kids.