Man on the Street: Bugle surveys students and teachers

What’s one thing you would change to improve the Jacksonville community?

“Less litter on the beaches, throwing away trash, and get people to pick up after themselves.” –Milan Thomas ‘24

“I would bring a theme/amusement park. Not only will it bring in new people for the city, it will force Jax to improve itself to appeal to tourists. Tear down abandoned buildings and renovate neglected ones.” -Brock Lytle ‘24

“Build a famous landmark that’s not lerp and doesnt cost 17 million dollars and use that money to end homelessess.” -Davis Meux ‘24

“The mayor.” -Pranav Kasavaraju ‘22

“Respect the environment more, not building in every place with open land.” -Kate Meyers-Labenz ’24

“The Jags being decent…” -Mac Walters ‘22

“I’d make everything less spread out so we can get to places faster.” -Sofia Petrucelli ‘23 and Katie Farr ‘23

“To go forward with the downtown renovation project to increase tourism and bring in money.” -Billie Nimnicht ‘24

“Preserve more natural space from development before it is too late and it is gone.” -Dr. Moyer

“Start to recycle.” -Cauthen Catlin ‘24

What is something you or someone you know does to prepare for hurricanes?