Gas Waste at Bolles


Senior privilege, we all dream of it, but what are the costs?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “CO2 Emissions from a gallon of gasoline: 8,887 grams CO2/ gallon.”

Mr. Rivera is an AP Chemistry teacher and passionate environmentalist. He says that being conscious about gas usage, “Is just a snub of doing things to help the environment…” states, “By adding more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, people are supercharging the natural greenhouse effect, causing global temperature to rise.”

In light of Rivera’s observations of extreme gas usage at The Bolles School, a survey was conducted for juniors and seniors on gas usage, with a total of 169 responses. The majority of people go to their car to just go to their car.

Rivera said that the results were, “Kind of what I expected. I think people were putting five to ten minutes there. It’s really more than five to ten minutes. You start to see the same people out there all the time.”

All students’ time commuting to and from school every day is a little over 12 hours of travel by car each day. On top of that people sit in their cars for over an hour daily.

Rivera said, “Hopefully, they realize the impact it’s having, especially if you walk out there and there’s 20 people in their car and now there’s 20 cars running
for an hour so you got 20 hours of fuel wasting and 20 hours of the stuff on it to the environment.”

Check out this infographic for information, be conscious of how much gas you waste, and move to alternatives Rivera suggests, like Bent Center, Bolles Hall, or the Library.