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Summer Memories 2023

From May to August, school’s out—but students and teachers are still busy as ever. With unlimited opportunities, summer is a time for people to explore, have fun, learn, and be free from school. Here’s a look at how some students and teachers at Bolles spent their time off. 


Liam Meier ‘27

Liam Meier ‘27 visits Bali on a trip with his family.

“We decided to go to Bali because we were interested in the culture as well as the cuisine, and because we like to travel a lot too.” As a nature-lover, he was able to engage with the environment and participate in a variety of activities during his time there.

“I found the beautiful views of wildlife and other nature to be my favorite as well as visiting the temple shrines, white water rafting, and cooking classes.”


Abby Bradley ‘25

Abby Bradley ‘25 travels to Jordan with an exchange program.

“It’s called The Experiment, which is a branch of SIT (School for International Training), a college abroad program.”

With a group of other American teens, Bradley learned about the culture, food, language, and dress that the country has to offer. A favorite memory is her trip to the Dead Sea, where she and her friends soaked in mud and floated in the water.

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“The mud at the Dead Sea is from the middle and they pump it out to put on your skin. So you go in the water for about 10 minutes, let the mud dry for 15, and soak it off for 15.”


Ava Mariotti ‘25

Ava Mariotti ‘25 takes her horse Pilgrim to the Pinto World Championships.

“This show definitely didn’t go as expected. I’m so happy that I got to show both of my horses and they couldn’t have been better.” (Mariotti’s horse Roland is not pictured.)

Despite a storm blowing through Tulsa where the championships were held, Mariotti and Pilgrim—show name: “Im Gonna Rock You” —won a world championship in “Youth Ranch Ideal Pinto.”


Kieran Roychowdhury ‘25

Delegates from around the world gather around the campfire after a long day of activities.

Kieran Roychowdhury ‘25 spent three weeks in Calgary, Canada while he participates in a program called CISV. 

“Seminar is a 3-week CISV camp for ages 16-17, where people from around the world travel by themselves to meet at a location to spread their opinions and culture.” The program also aims to help participants learn responsibility and independence, so the camp is run by the delegates—including all cooking and cleaning of the site.

“My experience was one I’ll never forget. I created bonds with individuals from around the world in just a short amount of time.”


Ms. Jacobson and Mr. Dickson

Ms. Jacobson and her family visit New Mexico.
Ms. Jacobson and her family in 2014.









“We went on a trail called Chimney Rock and replicated a favorite family photo from 2014.” 


Mrs. Vance

Mrs. Vance recreates the Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover with her family in London.

The family went “just for fun,” sightseeing in London, Paris, and Munich. 


Ms. Kervin

Kervin, Clubb and Ezzell accompany the students on the London Exchange trip.

Mrs. Kervin accompanied students from Bolles and Alleyn’s School on the London Exchange trip.

Apart from the academic aspect of their trip, participants from Bolles got the opportunity to explore London. The group went to the Globe Theater, Parliament, and a boat tour around the area.

Apart from spending time in London, Kervin stopped by REthreaded, a local nonprofit that aims to help victims of human trafficking. Locally based, the organization sells products crafted by survivors, offering aid through employment, counseling, and career development.


Ms. Kuonen

Ms. Kuonen works with a partner on an installation for “Trees of Life.”

Ms. Kuonen worked on an organ donor memorial project for UF Health Shands Hospital, called “Trees of Life.” The memorial will feature 3 bronze trees, with a canopy of leaves and butterflies engraved with donors’ names.

“Over the summer I made 800 leaves and butterflies for the memorial. Each one is cut on the bandsaw (in wood and acrylic glass), hand-painted, gold-leafed, sanded, and then engraved.” 

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