Junior AP English Students Design Transcendentalist Garden

Kris McQueen, Contributing Writer

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The AP English classes have been working on their final project of this year, a large scale labyrinth based on the tenets of Transcendentalism.

Transcendentalism is an philosophical, social, and idealistic system that developed to understand the reality of nature. How one must examine and analyze the reasoning process behind the experience of nature.

The project will be done by groups of three to four students who will create a labyrinth or garden as accurately as they can using the idea of Transcendentalism

Desi Hambrock (‘17) has Mrs. Clubb during fourth period and really enjoyed the project. “I remember stressing out about every little thing in my freshman and sophomore years. This semester I’ve learned to just lay down and listen to nature. This project really helped me display that.”

For this project, students needed to research the costs of building a labyrinth, while planning and designing the labyrinth.

“The project is not easy to do. There’s a lot of thought that goes into it, but I like the process of it a lot,” said Hambrock.

While keeping in mind the concept of transcendentalism, the final product is to be turned in as a powerpoint on May 23.

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