Mr. Curran Arrives at Bolles: A New Addition to the Math Department

Mr. Curran joins Bolles this year after spending 13 years at Bishop Kenny High School. Teaching Accelerated Precalculus, AP Calculus AB, and Algebra II Honors this year, Mr. Curran has an extensive mathematics background. After originally working as an engineer, Curran opted for a change and began his teaching career.

After coaching cross country and track at Bolles in the past, Mr. Curran returns here to continue teaching mathematics. “Having a connection with coaching here…it felt like a good place to make that change. And, you know, the academic community is great here. And that how they treat the teachers is great as well,” said Curran.

Aside from athletics, Curran also has a passion for music, specifically guitar. After starting to play guitar in middle school, he continues to play the instrument today. Curran states that he started to play the guitar after seeing his family play the instrument and started to learn songs that interested him.

Overall, Mr. Curran speaks positively of the Bolles community. “The community and togetherness has been great,” said Curran.