Winter Sports Wrap Up



W inter sports are always fun to watch. However, this season at Bolles has been especially exciting. From soccer to basketball to wrestling, Bolles continues to strive in all areas of athletics.

The Varsity boys’ soccer team finished 11-2-8 this season, making it to State Semi-Finals. Dr. Jim Lieb, the head coach of the boys’ Varsity team, says that the players and their environment were what brought them this far into the season. “So the formula is pretty standard in the sense that you try to pick the best players to try to instill a culture within the program that understands that it’s a team game, and you have to do things that are in the best interests of the team,” Lieb said.

While the season was exciting, Lieb encourages looking past the scores and looking at the overall experience. “I want the players to feel like their participation in the team was worthwhile, that they learned something about themselves about being part of a team and got better as an athlete and as a person,” Lieb said. He believes that athletes learning from a season is very important because it allows them to grow.

The Bolles boys’ soccer team is happy with how they performed and look forward to their next season.

The Varsity girls’ soccer team finished 15-3-7 this season. They also made it all the way to the State Semi-Finals, serving as an astounding season.

This season, the soccer team has been focusing on making it as far as they can in the postseason, as well as focusing on connections on the team. “We do find time for some basic team bonding activities… we try to make sure we’re keeping everybody together,” Coach Tracy, head coach of the soccer team, said. He believes that by having better relationships on the team, the players are better able to communicate with one another while in a game, for example.

The boys’ wrestling team had a brand new roster but persevered through the season. “We even had more middle schoolers than high school wrestlers at one point.” Thomas Holt, captain of the wrestling team, said. “The amount of growth the new wrestlers had was very impressive.”

The boys’ Varsity basketball team finished 13-11 this season, making it to the playoffs. They look forward to learning from this season and translating that for the next.

The girls’ Varsity basketball team had a tough schedule this season. However, Georgia Avret, a member of the team, believes that they had a good season overall. Because of their perseverance, the team made it all the way to the Region Quarter Finals.

Avret believes that the team dynamic has helped how they play this season. “We are so much more than just a team on the court, we are a family on and off the court,” Averet said. By creating this team environment, they are better able to play to the best of their ability.

Making it to Region Quarter Finals is a huge feat for the girls’ basketball team. They look forward to seeing how far they can go next season.

Overall, the winter sports this season have continued to improve in their performance, and look forward to learning from this season and translating it into the next.