Swisher Library Curates BIPOC Resources


The Swisher Library has a wealth of knowledge whether it be on the Schoology page, the website or the physical library itself. Along with literature that you would find in most libraries across America, the Swisher Library also has a sizable collection of fiction and non-fiction written by BIPOC authors.

Currating such a collection can be challeging, and is for many highschool libraries across the country, but to that Mrs. Moody said “A collection should never be considered complete or finished. It’s a living entity and needs to be tended to as long as the library is open to its community.”

You can search the library’s online catalog for specific titles, or check out the Black History Month display in the building proper. Mrs. Moody recommends The Underground Railroad and Nickel Boys both by African American novelist, Colson Whitehead.

Unfortunately due to COVID, the library has had to limit the amount of people allowed to be in the building at a time, so the QR code below is a link to the website, where you can search for titles, as well as audio and ebooks.