“Bolles Bad Parking” takes a life of its own


On November 12th, a newly launched Instagram account by the name of @badbollesparking published their first post highlighting the most egregious of parking infractions on campus.

The post is an image of a red sedan parked on the sidewalk by the Cain Gym. Not only is the car parked completely on top of the sidewalk but it is also within an inch of a trash can. The caption reads, “Our first victim…. Welcome to the Bad Bolles Parking Page.”

This post became the first of many as the account now has 11 “victims” and obtained well over 300 followers to its page.

On its profile, the account states its purpose is for “jokes” and backs up its light-hearted intentions with a disclosure that anyone who is featured and would like their car’s picture taken down may message the account and their picture will be removed. In addition, all license plates have been blurred on featured vehicles as well.

Sophia Quirk (‘23) found herself featured on the Bad Bolles Parking Instagram page on November 16th. She said her initial reaction was a desire to find out who submitted the video of her car. However, she wasn’t offended or defensive, just curious. “I knew it was only a matter of time,” Quirk said.

Quirk, who is a member of the Bolles girls crew team, went on to explain that it had become a tradition on the boys crew team to submit pictures of her bad parking to the crew group chat every morning.

Being featured on Bolles Bad Parking is not the only form of criticism Quirk has gotten for her parking. “I’ve had notes on my car, you know, really nice, drawn-out pictures of how to park within the lines. They have very much taken their time and drawn me a little picture to tell me how (to park),” she said, laughing.

Quirk explained the origin of her bad parking skills to be her driving instructor at the Florida Institute of Driving. She said that she spent at least an hour and a half focusing on parking alone. “You line the mirror up with the middle of the spot then you turn in,” she said when describing how her instructor taught her to park.

Now, however, Quirk said she just “pulls the wheel” when attempting to park in F lot. “I feel like I just do it way too fast,” she said when trying to decipher the root of her poor parking skills.

When asked if she has taken any steps to improve her parking, Quirk said, “You just have to give the people what they want at this point.” Apparently, Quirk intends to take to heart the diagrams and inspirational instruction notes left on her vehicle in the past as she attempts to park within the lines going forward.

Sophia Quirk is just one of many people who have been featured on Bad Bolles Parking and will certainly not be the last. Bolles Bad Parking serves as a comedic way for students to call out their peers for their parking techniques, however, it also serves as a warning for notoriously bad drivers and students who blatantly disregard the rules of the parking lot.