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No Shave November

During the month of November the Bolles school enacts a challenge to all male students: No Shave November. This has been a yearly tradition for many years across campus, letting male students grow out their facial hair. It is used to raise awareness for men’s cancer, specifically testicular and prostate cancer, with all the money raised going towards research for the disease. 


This year the event is run by Joey Schellenberg ’24, with help from the Dean’s Office. This is Schellenberg first year running No Shave November. When asked about why he decided to run it this year, Schellenberg stated,“I went up to Dean Wellington in the canteen, because I know that it’s been running for years, and I was like is anybody doing No Shave November this year? He’s like, no, you want to? After that interaction Joey talked with Dean Wellington more about the event and got the Schoology post up. 


The goal is to raise as much money as possible to go towards the research, which seems to be going well. Joey has recieved around 12 donations personally, with many more recieved at the dean’s office with Mr. Wellington. 


It’s important to recognize these cancers because they affect many people in the United States and the world. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2023 alone there have been 9,190 new cases of testicular cancer in men, and 288,300 new cases of prostate cancer, with 34,700 of those people being killed by the disease. “This is the most common cancer in men, so I think it’s important.” – Joey Schellenberg 


Bolles’ No Shave November is a good and fun way to raise money for research for these cancers and by allowing male students to let them grow out their facial hair which gives them another reason to donate to the cause. There is a reason why this event has been going on for as long as it has, and it probably won’t be going anywhere in the future.

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Tristan Schneider, Contributing Writer
Tristan Schneider is a sophomore and second-year staffer. A stop motion animator with hopes to study film in college, Tristan hopes to contribute opinion and satire stories to Bugle. On a day off, Tristan enjoys visiting Colorado to go skiing and his favorite color is purple.