Summer Obstacle Course


Each year as students eagerly approach summer, a number of obstacles present themselves. Each obstacle in the course represents a hurdle that students must overcome before they can reach their eight-week summer break. The first obstacle is SAT and ACT testing, which is in the beginning of the month of May, and overlaps with many other important test and review sessions. After jumping off the diving board, the students must swim through the depths of the fourth quarter before crawling out and pole vaulting through their finals. However, this excruciating journey doesn’t stop there. Students must then complete their alternate assessments, with many students getting stuck in the endless loop in this obstacle. For the few students who make it past the never-ending circle of alternate assessments, they must lift the bone-crushing weights of crippling anxiety before jumping the last hurdle of AP exams. By the end of this obstacle course, only a small percentage of students make it out alive.