Drop in to Lady Skate Day


Lady Skaters at The Block Skate Supply.

“Girls, or the non-binary community, or the trans community; all alike are looking for that outlet. They’re looking for other like-minded people that can encourage them and that they can encourage,” 28-year old Murphy Williams explained as she talked about her contribution to our society’s neverending strive for equality: Lady Skate Day.

Founded in November of 2020, Lady Skate Day is a weekly meeting for girls all around Jacksonville to meet up and learn to skateboard in a safe and encouraging community. Every week, @ladyskateday on instagram posts the location of their Wednesday rendezvous.

A flyer for Lady Skate Day’s upcoming summer camp.

Though it started as only three people in the backyard of an Avondale home, Lady Skate Day now has an average of 25 attendees each week, and has grown to reach all parts of Jacksonville, and even sometimes has special skating in nearby cities. Some of their recent locations include The Block Skate Supply, Monument skatepark, and Kona skatepark.

Williams said “At our anniversary party, we had over 75 people. It was insane. Skaters and non-skaters alike, and even people that just wanted to hang out and be part of the community. It doesn’t matter if you skate or if you suck or if you’re really good.”

While its obvious goal is to encourage girls to skate, Lady Skate Day’s community that it has built has goes much deeper. “I have a bunch of friends that I skate with that I never would have met otherwise, it’s just so random, but we all love each other and support each other through whatever it is we’re going through.”

No matter one’s age or gender, they should be allowed to find a community of people to enjoy any hobby with. Lady Skate Day encourages girls to get active and step out of their comfort zone and into a world stereotypically dominated by men. “Our vision is inclusivity. Our vision is friendship and fun” Murphy Williams reaffirmed.