Commitment Season: 2 Bolles Seniors have Committed to Playing Sports in College


Kavon Miller at the signing cermony Credit: Ty Neal

College commitment season is in the air, and Bolles is a big participant. 34 seniors have committed to playing sports in college. These students play a large variety of sports, from football to swimming to lacrosse. Colleges include Boston University, Emory, Kentucky, and Princeton.

Both Annalise Cannada and Kavon Miller have decided to play athletics in college at the second signing of the season on February 1st.

Kavon Miller

Miller plays free safety for the Bolles varsity football team and runs track. He has been playing football for around 13 years and started playing because “ I was a kid and I liked playing with footballs and that’s something that always interested me. And then my dad finally signed me up.”

After offers from over 20 colleges, Miller decided to commit to Princeton University and play football there. Miller commented, “I chose Princeton because overall, it was the best fit for me. Like academics and sports, it had a perfect mix of both.” He continued, “There’s no way I could say no.”

Even though collegiate and high school football is the same sport, they are in two different ballparks. Miller thinks, “College football is going to be more of like a business instead of like something to do for fun.”

Miller is looking forward to the freedom that comes with college and being on his own. His favorite memory at Bolles is beating Trinity at a home game last year.

Annalise Cannada

Another student pursuing athletics in college is Annalise Cannada.

Annalise is on the Bolles Varsity Soccer team and has been playing soccer since she was three. She commented, “When I was little I was trying out every sport, and then that one kind of just stuck.”

Cannada contemplated between different offers and eventually committed to continuing her soccer career at The University of Kentucky. Cannada stated, “I really liked the coaching staff and the environment and all the girls that were there and everything about it. ” She continued, “the school was great.”

Her favorite memory from high school soccer was “probably winning states freshman year,” she stated.