“In March of 2020, the Parent Association Upper School Senior Class Parents put together a plan that would take the budget from all grades and create a fun music festival. Bolles-a-palooza was the result,” wrote Mrs. Sandy Cantanese; Director of the Bolles Fund and Parent Programs.

Bolles-a-palooza was an event that occurred on March 18th, 2022 lasted through activities and both lunch periods, and it was the longest-lasting event that the parent association has created.

Mrs. Witt wrote, “Chris Fairman and I had such a great time co-chairing this event, and could not have done it without our Campus Chair, Beth Rohan, all of the other class parents and volunteers, and Sandy Catanese.”

Cantanese explained that there used to be parent-created events on a specific day that would be a special treat, “you might have grade nine class parents handing out a treat like donuts on St. Patrick’s Day and grade ten handing out a treat on Valentine’s Day.”

This year, Mrs. Kelly Witt was the senior parent in charge of the event, she organized the different kinds of booths that gave out different treats. She also ensured that there were multiple clubs out that day like V.E.T.S., Rhino Rescue, and Environmental clubs.

She also set up the voter registration booth and a Jacksonville Beach Volunteer Lifeguards recruitment booth.

There was lots of good student feedback regarding the event and students hope to see the Bolles-a-palooza again next year.

Mrs. Cantanese encourages feedback on the event to be emailed to her at [email protected] or by stopping by her office in B144.