Balding at Bolles: The boys swim team shave their heads

The boys swim team following their head-shaving. Photo Credit: Sherry Bowen

As per usual, the Bolles Swimming and Diving Team began their fall season with a great start. The swimmers’ hard work and weeks of grueling training paid off as they eventually made it to the state championships and placed in several different categories. However, in the days leading up to the state championships, many Bolles students were not focused on the swimmers’ upcoming competition, but rather something significantly more eye-catching: their hair. As part of their usual tradition, the male swimmers decided to shave their heads prior to their final swim meet. However, this year, several swimmers added a slight twist to their normal routine in an event that caused more than a few heads to turn their way. For example, some male swimmers decided to bleach their hair prior to the ritualistic head-shaving. Others chose to shave off parts of their hair in bold patterns and styles. These uniquely colored and shaved heads were sported around campus for a few days before a final team bonding moment where the male swimmers fully shaved their heads.