Fall Frenzy 2022


Photos taken of the Fall Frenzy. Credit: Dr. Halloran

The Fall Frenzy was one of the first of many freshman/sophomore socials to come. Ms. Willis, leader and director of the social, talks about why the Fall Frenzy was held, along with other fun information regarding the event.

The idea behind the Fall Frenzy was to create a substitute for Prom during the fall for the freshman and sophmores. “We’ve always done the winter dance coming up in February and we’ve always done prom, but this was the first year kind of to have an event for just ninth and tenth grade,” Willis said.

About 50-60 students attended the Fall Frenzy, enjoying music, dancing, s’mores, and the company of their friends. “It was the first time for a student event that we got to use the fire pit and do s’mores and things like that. And then the DJ was set up for dance,” Willis said after the event. She agrees that s’mores and dancing were the perfect combination for the social. “You know, kids were dancing all night and that kind of stuff,” she said.

“We were very thankful to have a lot of parents volunteer to help and the parent association…they were on top of it.” – Ms. Willis

Willis and many of the students who attended the social agree that the night was a success. “We were very thankful to have a lot of parents volunteer to help,” Wilis said. The social could not have been as big of a success without the help from the parent association.

In case you or a freshman/sophomore you know couldn’t make it to the Fall Frenzy- don’t worry! Bolles intends to hold the event for years to come. “The current plan is to try to hold it again next year; kind of see as it gains some momentum. And also try to get more student involvement in the planning process,” Willis said. She agrees that it was a good success, and would love to see how much momentum the Fall Frenzy can gain in years to come.