Seasonal Dress Code: Is it a possibility?


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The most popular topic witin the seasonal dress code is allowing students to wear shorts during the summer months Credit: ClipArt

The seasonal dress code has been a topic of discussion for many years, and for senior Chris Lee, it has been a topic of discussion for all four of his years on Student Council.

A variation of seasonal dress codes have been proposed including “the altered dress code due to COVID and extra parameters to keep the “tradition” and “prestige” of Bolles,” Lee said.

However, due to the school’s desire to maintain a “business” style, Chris Lee stated that, “our abilities have been rather limited.”

The seasonal dress code would entail more options during the immense heat of summer.

“We had always hoped there could be more leniency regarding dress code in those months. Unfortunately, our progress has been a setback especially due to the already altered dress code via COVID and maintaining a professional look,” Lee described.

However, the seasonal dress code is still a hot topic amongst the Student Council and a major goal is to make compromises on the issue.

Lee stated, “Hopefully some of the ideas can be revised to make some real change.”