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The Wonders of Chinese Week

Dominicque Pacella, Writing Coach

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Each year the Chinese Club hosts a number of events and festivities ranging from egg roll sales to ping pong tournaments to spark the Chinese New Year into action.

This year, Cheng Mei Rothschild and the Chinese Club welcomed Dr. Michael Kowalski, a Florida licensed acupuncture physician and founder of the Acupuncture & and Holistic Health Center and the 5 Element Institute of Jacksonville, Florida to demonstrate this ancient medical practice to interested students.

“We were so lucky to have him come talk with us. It was a real treat and it took a lot of collaboration to make it possible,” said Natasha Pillai (’17),the Chinese Club president.

According to Dr. Kowalski, acupuncture affects us on a wholistic level.

“When the energy, or the qi, is flowing correctly no emotional or physical problems are present. If your energy is blocked there is pain in a specific location. It is my job to to release and unblock the energy flow from below the skin,” said Kowalski.

Rothschild herself volunteered as Dr. Kowalski’s demonstrative patient and Kowalski proceeded to diagnose and evaluate Rothschild’s qi, which the acupuncturist claimed was “deficient”, by checking her pulse.

Kowalski’s prescription: More fire energy.

There are four types of energy relating to the natural elements- fire, earth, water, and wood – that relate to the different organs in the body.

“The fire energy treatment will boost your overall happiness and energy,” claimed Kowalski.

According to Kowalski, the patient is “happier” after acupuncturists perform the fire energy treatment .

“I need it. Give me the fire energy. Everybody gets As,” jokingly responded Rothschild.

Tylar Powell (’17) said, “Watching Dr. Kowalski perform his acupuncture treatment was the gem of my day. Even though I don’t take Chinese, it was really cool to submerge myself in Chinese week and really get a feel for the culture.”

Students can continue reveling in Chinese Week’s merriment by participating in a ping pong tournament or purchasing boba tea in front of the Bent Center.

新年快乐! (Xin Nian Kuai Le: Happy New Year!)


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The Wonders of Chinese Week